At S&B Farms Distillery, we are committed to excellence in every drop of spirit that we produce. While we are a first-generation distillery, we have done our homework to provide unique products that best reveal our brand to those who drink spirits. Established in 2018, our distillery efforts started in the south where we learned from original moonshiners how best to make the product they perfected centuries ago.

Previously a doctor’s office and then a dentist office, our building is located in the community we also call home. It was completely gutted to make room for the still, processing equipment, storage, and tasting room. Wanting to stay true to the original heritage of spirits, we gave our distillery an old, industrial look and feel. We wanted to create a warm and inviting space by incorporating re-purposed barn wood from a nearby farm with the right amount of metals to perfectly accent our tasting room and processing area.

We currently offer Private First Class, Field Fire Jalapeno Pineapple Moonshine, Hog Wild Cinnamon, Sir Winston Bourbon, and Sir Winston White Whiskey.

We invite you to stop in and find out what we’re all about: how our journey began and how it continues.