S&B Farms Distillery’s Bourbon Wins Bronze Medal

S&B Farms Distillery’s Sir Winston Bourbon earned a Bronze medal in the 2019 Great American International Spirits Competition.

Entries from around the world were judged at this premiere competition held in Rochester, New York.  More than 300 entries were evaluated by a panel of experts including Masters Distillers, Certified Spirits Educators, Brand Ambassadors, retailers, importers and spirits industry writers and consultants.

“Not everyone who enters the competition earns a medal, so knowing our bourbon has only been out of the barrel a few months now and already winning awards, gives us great assurance we’re doing it right,” said owner Sara Winkleman.

Sir Winston 93 Proof Bourbon is made with our own Iowa-grown corn and has a balance of gentle vanilla, fresh oak, and classic caramel notes.

The Great American International Spirits Competition is organized and conducted by the Raise A Glass Foundation, created to support charities around the world. Their international wine, beer and spirit competitions donate thousands of bottles of award-winning wine, beer and spirits to designated charities to use in their fundraising efforts.